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Is Your Friendship On It’s Way Out?:

Wasatch Family Therapy DepressionFriendship breakups can be as painful as the breakup of love relationships. Do you suspect that your friend is distancing or on the verge of “dumping” you? I interviewed with a reporter from and just recently found out that she used my quotes.

Here are some clues that your friendship is waning:

  1. Slow response time. Did your friend used to respond quickly to your messages, texts, chats but has become slow to respond, or sometimes doesn’t respond at all?
  2. Leaving you out of the loop. Are you finding out what your friend has been doing on the weekends from others or from Facebook?
  3. Not looking you in the eye. Does your friend have a hard time looking you straight in the eye when you’re together?
  4. Cutting it short. When you are spending time with your friend does she seem disengaged or leave early?

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