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Marriage Q&A – What if I’m never “in the mood”?

This is one of the most common issues I see with couples in therapy. Part 2 of Q & A for Jan. 2010 Wasatch Woman Magazine

Q: After 10 years of marriage my husband complains that I don’t desire him physically. He feels hurt that I don’t initiate lovemaking and that I’m rarely “in the mood”. I love my husband, find him attractive, but sex rarely crosses my mind. Should I have sex even when I’m not in the mood?

(read my answer on pg 17…)

Julie Hanks, LCSW, owner & clinical director of Wasatch Family Therapy, LLC, specializes in women’s emotional and mental health, couples counseling, and family therapy, and has been in the mental health field for 20 years. A popular media contributor, watch Julie on KSL TV’s Studio 5, read her advice in the national media on E! Online, AOL Health,, subscribe to her weekly podcast the You and Yours show on The Women’s Information Network.

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