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Making New Year’s Resolutions Count

Most new years usually start the same. We are bright and hopeful as we set new goals for ourselves. However, if you are like me, the motivation and excitement for these resolutions that came with the new year seem to fade after the first week; and then as time goes by the resolutions you were so excited about become a burden.  So, how can we make our resolutions count this year? Here are some ideas on how to keep those resolutions at the top of your list, and make them last to the end of the year.

Wasatch Family Therapy1. Start small

When setting New Year’s resolutions, start small then get bigger as you feed off your success. For example, I heard something on the radio once about making changes.  Exercising is a great resolution, but it can feel pretty overwhelming if we start with, “I’m going to go to the gym for one hour everyday”.  Instead, one woman determined to do push-ups for just one minute every day—something she was sure she could commit to. She did, gained muscle, self confidence, and of course, once started couldn’t keep to one minute—she lost 7 pounds the first month.  When you feel better you do better and a good cycle begins. Starting small can be applied to any goal.

2. Try want-olutions

Sometimes our goals revolve around things we feel we should be doing. Make sure to also set goals just for yourself, things you enjoy. You can call these your want-olutions. This will give you things to look forward to throughout the year.

3. Be specific

It is easy to say, “I will exercise more this year,” but not easy to follow unless you have it planned out. Get specific about your plan. “I want to exercise 3 x’s a week for at least 30 minutes” is more specific

4. Prevent road blocks

Make sure you take some time to think about any road blocks that may come up and prevent you from your resolution. That way you can be ready for them, have a plan, and stop them from blocking you from your goals.

5. Get support

Have some individual as well as family resolutions and share your resolutions with people close to you. Not only can they be a support and motivation for you, but they can also remind you when you are half way through the year and they ask, “did you ever….”

New Years is an exciting time filled with hope and resolutions. Be sure to make your resolutions count by starting small and then grow, pick things that make you happy, be specific, plan for road blocks, and get your loved ones on board. Do this and have a successful and happy New Year!!

I want to hear about your resolutions. What have you decided to work on this year?

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