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Ask A Therapist: Sister Needs Therapy But Can’t Afford It

Q: Are there any resources for my sister-in-law who’s suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, depression and wants therapy but can’t afford it? (concerned sister in St. Louis, MO)

A: Yes! Most urban communities have mental health resources available for individuals who can’t afford to pay full fee for therapy. There are several options to explore to get help for your sister.

1) Click the “Find Help” option at PsychCentral and search for providers in your sister’s area who offer services on a sliding fee scale.

2) The St. Louis, MO National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) may be a great resource point for access to low-cost or no-cost services for your sister.

3) Your state Missouri Dept. of Mental Health will likely offer low or no-cost mental health services.

4) Local colleges and universities may offer reduced fee services provided by supervised graduate students. For example, St. Louis University and University of Missouri-St. Louis both have clinics that provide services on a sliding scale.

Your sister is lucky to have your support and encouragement. I’m glad you’re encouraging her to get help.

Take good care of you and yours!

Julie Hanks, LCSW

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