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Relaxation Tips

Haylee Heyn

Haylee Heyn, MFT Intern

Stressed Out? MFT Intern Haylee Heyn gives tips to help you R – E – L – A – X in this mental health Q&A for

“Stress can come from a number of different sources, mostly related to a person’s relationships and environment. Often times a person’s greatest source of stress comes from unresolved conflict in their lives, causing them anxiety. Change is another common factor. Humans are creatures of habit and therefore leaving a comfort zone or confronting something new and different can be a great source of stress for an individual. Changes in occupation, relationship status, family crises, conflict with morals and behaviors, and many more also contribute to anxiety. Stress will look differently to everyone. Individual personalities and reactions to stressful situations are more an indicator of a person’s stress level than the actual cause of the stress.”

For more relaxation tips read the entire Q&A article.

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