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Defusing an Arguement With Your Spouse

Therapist Jill Zuniga, APC shares insight on how to to stop and escalating spat with your spouse in this online Q&A interview

Jill Zuinga Wasatch Family Therapy

Jill Zuniga, APC


Arguments often begin with discussions and escalate into disagreements. What elevates these disagreements is the refusal to stop and¬†listen to the other person’s point of view. When we argue, we believe that what we have to say is most important. When the other person does not stop to listen, it makes the desire to prove our point that much more intense. Because we are so determined to have the other hear us, we do not stop to listen to them and it becomes a vicious cycle that we become too emotionally involved in to stop. If each person views the discussion as a way to find a solution to the issue, arguments can be avoided.

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